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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Julian Carter


can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction

High blood pressure, also called Hypertension, can make it hard to get an erection. 

Some High Blood Pressure medicines can also cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

According to a study, about 30% of men with high blood pressure have also had ED. 

Many men try finding a medicine that can treat High Blood Pressure without giving them ED.

The article below will explain the relationship between High Blood Pressure and ED. 

Is High Blood Pressure responsible for your ED?

Your brain sends messages to the tissue in your penis when you become aroused. 

The Corpora Cavernosa allows blood to enter and enlarge the tissue in your penis.

The procedure is almost comparable to filling a balloon with water. The penis becomes harder as more blood enters, increasing the pressure. 

Also, your body sends signals to the tissue around your penis to stop blood flow, which results in a long-lasting erection.

The pressure on the veins surrounding the penis reduces after sex. 

This allows the blood to flow out and softens the erection.

When your blood pressure is high, the arteries that carry blood to the penis become expandable, allowing continuous and consistent blood flow into the penis.

This makes achieving and maintaining an erection even more difficult.

Can High Blood Pressure medication cause Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of erectile dysfunctionSource: By_Roman_Didkivskyi_from_Getty_Images
Causes of erectile dysfunction

Some High Blood Pressure medicines are more likely to cause ED than other blood pressure medications. 

Knowing which high blood pressure medicine is more likely to cause ED as a side effect is always helpful. 

Your doctor can help you find appropriate medication for your situation. 

Listed below are some High Blood Pressure medicines, also called Antihypertensive drugs, that can potentially cause ED in you


Beta-blockers work on the neurological system responsible for causing an erection. 

They can prevent you from getting an erection since they restrict the blood flow to the penis. 

These are some examples of beta blockers

  • Atenolol (Tenormin)
  • Propranolol (Inderal)
  • Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL)
  • Carvedilol (Coreg)


Diuretics, also called water tablets, may lessen the intensity of the blood flow to your penis. 

This makes it challenging to achieve an erection. Diuretics are also known for lowering zinc levels. 

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Diuretics may also reduce the quantity of testosterone your body produces. 

This can consequently lessen your desire for sex. It may also impact your muscle contraction.

Can high blood pressure cause Erectile dysfunction

High blood pressure is one of the main causes of ED. It makes it challenging for a man to get an erection. It also lowers testosterone levels, the primary sex hormone in males.

Testosterone hormone in men is responsible for their libido drive, correlated with High Blood Pressure. 

Before taking any ED pill consult your doctor for the right dosage. ED pills when taken along High Blood Pressure medicines can make your blood pressure drop drastically and even cause fainting.

Men with hypertension often have lower testosterone levels than males with normal blood pressure.


How common is ED in younger men?Source: Ryanking999
Depressed Couple

Your doctor can change your high blood pressure medicine to reduce your chances of developing ED. 

Some men might not require a change in medicine; just a dosage change is enough. 

High Blood Pressure medicines make blood vessels more expandable, permitting continuous blood flow. This is the main cause of ED due to High Blood Pressure.

Medicines like Beta-Blockers and Diuretics can cause ED. Taking Viagra in combination with High Blood Pressure medicines is safe but to a certain dosage.

If taken unmonitored, then it might cause nausea and fainting.

Corpora Cavernosa: It forms most of the penis and contains blood vessels that fill with blood to help make an erection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I take for Erectile Dysfunction if I have High Blood Pressure?

You can take ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, etc., to treat your ED caused by High Blood Pressure. But you must consult your doctor for the right dosage because it can cause dizziness.

How common is ED with High Blood Pressure?

About 80% of the time, ED is caused by some physical reason. The most common reason being High Blood Pressure.

Why can’t you take Viagra with high blood pressure?

Using Viagra with a blood pressure-lowering drug or supplement may cause dizziness or fainting.

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