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Age and ED: At What Age Does A Man Stop Getting Hard

Gina Walters


at what age does a man stop getting hard

Wondering, “At what age does a man stop getting hard?”. Well, there is not a single answer to this question.

It is natural for men’s sexual health and performance to decline as they grow older.

One common concern with age is Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or the inability to achieve and maintain a firm erection. 

Although ED is more common among older men, age is not the only cause of ED. 

Let’s read the article to find out the age at which men stop getting hard and what is its relationship with Erection Dysfunction.

Does age affect erectile function

Men commonly experience a decline in the frequency and quality of erections as they age. 

It can be due to a variety of reasons, including hormonal fluctuations, blood flow, and overall health.

While many older men experience Erectile Dysfunction, it’s important to remember that ED can occur at any age. 

Losing erection is more common in older men. However, age alone doesn’t determine ED occurrence. Other factors play a role too. 

If you have ED, keep in mind that there are several Erectile Dysfunction treatment alternatives available to you. You can use Erectile Dysfunction pills such as Vidalista and Cenforce

You can also go for vacuum devices or ED exercises on your doctor’s advice.

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  • At what age does a man stop getting hard

    There is no fixed age when all men stop getting hard. 

    ED can occur at any age. However, it is pretty common in older men. According to one study, by the time a guy reaches his 40s, he has a 40% chance of developing ED. 

    This risk rises by around 10% per decade of life, reaching 50% in his 50s, and so on. 

    Remember, ED has no age restrictions. There are various causes of Erectile Dysfunction, irrespective of age.

    Everyone, regardless of age, should get regular health check-ups. Routine health screenings are helpful in the detection of any underlying medical issues.

    How can age affect erectile function

    As men age, several health issues that can impair erectile function become more common. 

    Heart disease, high blood pressure, and Diabetes are just a few examples. Many men find it difficult to get hard because of these conditions.

    Heart diseases

    Checking blood pressureSource: winnond_from_Getty_Images
    Checking blood pressure (maintain BP)

    Heart disease often restricts blood flow throughout the body, affecting blood flow to the penis. According to a 2013 study, it may raise the risk of ED.

    Poor blood flow can make it challenging to get and maintain erections. 

    It is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet, exercise, and so on for good heart health.

    To lower your risks of developing ED, you should also control risk factors such as excessive cholesterol and blood pressure.


    Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves. It affects blood flow and reduces sensitivity in the penis. 

    According to Mayo Clinic, this reason links Diabetes and Erection Dysfunction together.

    You should try to manage your blood sugar levels through various practices and medications to prevent ED.

    High blood pressure

    ‘Hypertension’ or high blood pressure can also cause Erectile Dysfunction. It can damage blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the penis, which leads to erectile issues. 

    Regular check-ups, medications, and lifestyle changes can help manage blood pressure. It is beneficial in minimizing the risk of ED.

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    ICNS suggests that stroke can lead to difficulties in getting arousal and causes low libido because it may affect your brain’s ability to send signals to the penis. 

    Preventive measures include managing blood pressure, staying physically active, and not smoking. 

    These healthy habits can help reduce the risk of stroke and its related ED.


    Some Cancer therapies, such as surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy, can have a negative effect on male sexual function. 

    Prostatectomy or prostate surgery can also cause ED.

    You should be cautious during Cancer treatment if you want a fulfilling sexual life.

    Mental health conditions

    A man stressed outSource: Peopleimages_From_Getty_Images_Signature
    Stress (factor that contributes to low libido and ED)

    There are certain mental health issues like Anxiety, stress, and Depression that can contribute to ED

    Typically, the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction are mental health conditions.

    If you have troubles in your relationship, you should discuss them honestly with your partner and adopt stress-relief activities.

    Self-diagnosing or assuming ED based solely on age can lead to unnecessary Anxiety. Don’t delay appropriate treatment and go to a doctor. 

    Summing up

    The answer to the question, “At what age does a man stop getting hard?” is not a fixed number.

    Erectile function is not solely determined by age. 

    Although it tends to occur more frequently in older men, ED can occur for various reasons. 

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing severe health conditions, and seeking medical help can contribute to a satisfying and enjoyable sex life regardless of age. 

    Remember, age does not define sexual performance solely. It’s the holistic approach to health and well-being that matters most.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At what age do guys need Viagra?

    Viagra or similar medications are used to treat ED. 
    ED can happen at any age. If a man experiences difficulty getting hard, he might consider using Viagra or other pills on a doctor’s advice. 

    At what age do men stop getting hard on?

    There’s no specific age when men stop getting erections. 
    While some men may encounter problems in their 20s or 30s, others may continue to have adequate erections well into their later years. 

    What can I do to make my penis stronger?

    You should maintain overall health through a balanced diet, exercise, and other healthy activities. 
    Also, you should limit smoking and excessive alcohol. It can contribute to better sexual health. 

    Which physical exercise makes the penis strong?

    Pelvic floor exercises, such as Kegels, are beneficial in improving erectile function and making your penis strong.
    You can also do yoga daily to improve your health and sexual function.

    Is it ok to erect daily?

    Yes, it’s normal for men to have erections daily. 
    Erections are a natural physiological response. They can occur due to sexual arousal, physical stimulation, or during sleep. Frequent erections are a sign of a healthy male reproductive system.

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