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A Complete Guide on How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes from Crying

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Written by- Gina Walters

Puffy eyes are a common condition marked by swelling or puffiness around the eyes.

There are various causes of puffy eyes, and crying is one of them.

Different types of tears, including emotional expressions, can contribute to puffy eyes.

You may wonder ‘How to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?’

This article will discuss effective measures to prevent puffy eyes from crying in detail.

How to prevent puffy eyes from crying

We all get puffy eyes from crying occasionally, making us look exhausted and distressed.

When you cry, fluid accumulates under the eyelids and around the eyes. 

The swelling and puffiness might last several days in severe cases, such as puffy eye allergies.

The first step to reducing swollen eyes is to ease the fluid away from the eyes.

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You may be able to lessen the appearance of puffy eyes by using the following remedies:

Cucumber slices

eye careSource: pixelshot
Woman having puffy eyes using cucumber

People have been using cucumbers to treat puffy or baggy eyes for a long time. 

Cucumbers have a cooling and anti-inflammatory impact on the skin, which can help reduce swollen eyes and eye strain.

Cucumbers are also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and they contain vitamin K, which can help in reducing dark circles.

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Did you know:
Cucumber slices can also help ease tired and red eyes, providing a natural remedy to soothe eye discomfort.

Cold Compress

A cold compress reduces swelling and inflammation by lowering blood flow to the affected area.

It can be made from anything cold, such as a frozen bag of peas, a cold spoon, or an ice pack. 

Alternatively, soak a towel in cold water and apply it to the affected region.

Tea bags

The main ingredients in tea bags are caffeine and natural tannins. 

Tannins act as an astringent, which means they can restrict bodily tissue. 

Caffeine may pass through the skin barrier, has significant antioxidant qualities, and promotes blood circulation in the skin.

If you want to know more about the uses of tea bags, Read Do Tea Bags Help With Puffy Eyes: Unlocking the Benefits.

Eye cream

erection-creamSource: pixelshot
Eye cream for puffy eyes

Eye creams for puffy eyes are one of the quickest and most effective ways to reduce swollen eyes caused by crying.

Using an eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid or retinol is especially efficient at improving the appearance of swollen eyes.

Consulting a doctor is crucial; they can recommend a suitable eye cream tailored to your needs.

Eye roller

Several eye roller choices on the market can decrease puffy eyes and dark circles and provide anti-aging effects.

The roller provides a mini-massage while cooling the under-eye area, which may increase blood circulation.

It is essential to note that home remedies are not substitutes for professional medical advice. Consult a healthcare provider for persistent puffy eyes.

How to reduce dryness from crying

Our tears contain a balance of oils, water, and mucus, which helps to keep the eyes moist. 

After shedding tears, it’s common to experience dry eyes around the eyes.

Try using a moisturizing eye cream or a cold compress to reduce this dryness.

Hydration is essential; make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

Over-the-counter artificial tear drops may effectively reduce eye dryness.

If dryness persists, consult a doctor as they can address specific concerns and recommend suitable treatments. 

If you want to learn more about the treatments available for dry eyes, Read Effective Dry Eyes Treatment

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Summing up

There are several methods for reducing puffy eyes after crying, as they can make you look tired.

Most of the time, puffiness resolves independently after a few hours. 

However, some of us may wish to get rid of them faster and search for ‘How to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?’ or ‘How to fix puffy eyes after crying?’.

Applying cold compress, tea bags, and cucumber slices can help prevent puffy eyes from crying.

Eye cream and roller can also prevent puffy eyes from crying.

It is essential to consult a doctor for persistent puffiness or dryness to address concerns and provide suitable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the quickest way to reduce puffy eyes after crying?

The fastest way to reduce puffy eyes after crying is to apply a cold compress. 
The cold temperature constricts blood vessels, minimizing swelling. 
Chilled cucumber slices or tea bags can also work effectively. 
Ensure gentle application to the eye area for around 15 minutes to reduce puffiness.

Can I use a regular moisturizing cream for my puffy eyes?

Yes, you can use your regular moisturizer to reduce puffiness around the eyes. 
However, using an eye cream specifically formulated for the sensitive eye area is preferable, as conventional moisturizers may be less gentle.
It is essential to consult your doctor before using any eye cream to avoid potential risks and side effects.

How long does it usually take for puffy eyes from crying to subside?

The duration for puffy eyes to subside after crying varies among individuals. 
Typically, it may take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on factors like hydration, sleep, and overall health.

What can I do to prevent dryness after crying?

To prevent dryness after crying, ensure you stay hydrated and use a gentle and hydrating eye cream.
You can consider applying a cold compress to reduce inflammation. 
Adequate rest and maintaining overall eye health contribute to preventing dryness.

Can stress contribute to puffy eyes?

Yes, stress can cause poor sleep and eye strain, resulting in swollen eyes. Managing stress with relaxation techniques can assist in avoiding this.

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