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Do Women Have More Testosterone than Estrogen? Understanding Hormonal Balance

Gina Walters


do women have more testosterone than estrogen

Hormones are essential in maintaining various physiological functions in the human body.

Testosterone and estrogen are vital sex hormones present in both men and women. The healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen in women is important to support overall health. 

But do women have more testosterone than estrogen? 

Testosterone is recognized as the male sex hormone, while estrogen is the female sex hormone. 

This article discusses the balance of estrogen and testosterone in women, exploring the causes and effects of having more testosterone than estrogen. 

Do women have more testosterone than estrogen

No, women do not have more testosterone than estrogen. Estrogen is the dominant sex hormone in female bodies. 

Although testosterone is present in women’s bodies, too, it occupies a significantly smaller percentage than estrogen. 

Testosterone, often considered a male sex hormone, is produced in females’ ovaries and adrenal glands. However, the levels in women are substantially lower than in males.

The normal levels of testosterone in women range between 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of blood.

However, the estrogen levels are typically 30 to 400 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL) in premenopausal women. In postmenopausal women, they range from 0 to 30 pg/mL.

However, in some cases, women may experience hormonal imbalances, leading to high testosterone levels

It is essential to consult a doctor for any hormonal irregularities.

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What causes women to have more testosterone than estrogen

Typically, women have higher levels of estrogen, the female sex hormone, than testosterone. 

However, certain situations can lead to higher testosterone levels than estrogen in women. 

These situations may include conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which leads to an overproduction of androgens, including testosterone.

Moreover, some medications or hormonal therapies may cause changes in hormone levels. 

However, estrogen is usually the dominant hormone in healthy, normally functioning female bodies. 

If you suspect any abnormalities, you must seek medical intervention. High levels of testosterone in women are not normal and require careful management.

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Did you know?
PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders among people of reproductive age, affecting approximately 8-13% of individuals with ovaries globally.

Effects of high testosterone in women

Acne (symptom of high testosterone)Source: AndreyPopov_from_Getty_Images
Closeup of a woman showing her acne.

In women, testosterone to estrogen ratio refers to the balance between the two important hormones. 

Unusually high or low testosterone levels, as compared to estrogen, can cause several health problems that can impact fertility, mood, and physical health. 

High testosterone levels can lead to a condition called Hyperandrogenism in women. The symptoms may include changes in the menstrual cycle, acne, and increased facial hair growth. 

Therefore, a hormonal imbalance can affect a woman’s well-being. 

Maintaining a healthy testosterone and estrogen ratio for overall health is essential.

Consulting a healthcare professional is critical for accurate diagnosis and effective management of hormonal imbalances. 

Healthcare professionals can suggest treatments or lifestyle adjustments to restore hormonal balance.

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Elevated testosterone levels in women can lead to long-term health risks, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

Does increasing estrogen decrease testosterone in females

Yes, an increase in estrogen levels can potentially result in a decrease in testosterone levels in females. 

These hormones have a reciprocal relationship, where the other generally decreases when one increases. 

Elevated estrogen levels can suppress the production of testosterone. It can occur in conditions like PCOS or hormonal replacement therapy. 

However, hormonal balance is complex and can vary among individuals. Seeking guidance from a healthcare provider is essential for receiving personalized advice.

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Wrapping up

Do women have more testosterone than estrogen? Women with normally functioning bodies do not have more testosterone than estrogen.

Estrogen is typically the dominant sex hormone in females. However, certain imbalances due to conditions like PCOS can lead to higher testosterone levels than estrogen in women.

It is essential to address such hormonal irregularities as they can impact a woman’s fertility, mood, and well-being.

High testosterone levels in women can cause menstrual cycle irregularities, acne, and abnormal hair growth. 

Consulting a doctor for treatment to restore healthy hormonal balance is critical. It is crucial to maintain a regular testosterone to estrogen ratio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do females have both estrogen and testosterone?

Yes, females have both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. These hormones play different but vital bodily roles and influence various physiological processes.

Do females have more estrogen than males?

Yes, females generally have higher levels of estrogen than males. It plays a vital role in female reproductive health and development.

Do women ever have more testosterone than estrogen?

Testosterone levels are considerably lower than estrogen levels in a healthy, normally functioning female body. 
However, certain medical conditions can lead to higher testosterone levels in some women.

Do females have high testosterone?

While women have testosterone, high levels of this hormone are uncommon in healthy females. However, conditions like PCOS can lead to elevated testosterone levels. 

Does estrogen convert to testosterone?

No, estrogen does not convert to testosterone. These hormones are different and have varying chemical structures. 
Both are present in both males and females, and they have unique roles in the body with different mechanisms.

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