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Semi Daonil 2.5 mg

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  • Firmer, longer-lasting erections for up to 4 hours

  • FDA-approved active ingredient (Sildenafil)

  • Starts working within 30 minutes

  • 88% of cases saw positive outcomes

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Medically Reviewed by
Dr. Akanksha Kaushal
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Dr. Akansha is a licensed Clinical Pharmacologist with extensive expertise in pharmacovigilance, prescription analysis, drug information, and safety. She's a dedicated educator and avid learner. Dr. Akansha also reviews medical content on GoodRx Medicine, ensuring accurate pharmaceutical information is accessible to all.

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Written by
Julian Carter
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Julian, an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, brings a dynamic blend of expertise and impact with his contributions at Goodrxmedicine. His dedication and innovative spirit continue to shape a brighter future in pharmaceutical management.

About the brand name of the drug

Semi Daonil 2.5 mg (Glibenclamide) acts as an antidiabetic agent used for reducing the high blood glucose levels in the body, manufactured by Sanofi, India. It is administered in the form of tablets. It is used for treating type II diabetes.

About the drug 

The active pharmaceutical ingredient in Semi Daonil 2.5 mg is Glibenclamide. It is available dosage strengths like 2.5 mg, 1 mg, and 5 mg. It is easily available at offline pharmacies, online pharmacies, drug stores. The prescription is mandatory before purchasing the drugs. It is used to treat Diabetes. It gives better results when taken with proper diet.  

 Some other brands equivalent to Semi Daonil 2.5 mg (Glibenclamide) in the USA are:

• DiaBeta

About salt of the drug

Glibenclamide is responsible for lowering of excess glucose levels in the body. It comes under the class of drugs called sulfonylureas. It binds to and closes K+ ATPase channels and inhibits the exit of K+ from the cell membrane. This results in an increase in Ca+ entry, due to this excess Ca+ entry insulin secretion increases leading to lowering of the blood glucose levels. Hence, used to treat diabetes mellitus II. 

Medical Uses of the drug

Semi Daonil 2.5 mg drug is used for the treatment of:

• Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Working of a drug 

Semi Daonil 2.5 mg is an antidiabetic agent under the class of drugs sulfonylureas. The primary action of the drug is a pancreas. It shows its activity by increasing the amount of insulin released by the pancreas for lowering blood glucose levels. It shows better activity when taken with proper diet and exercise.

In some cases, beta cells of pancreas get sensitized towards glucose because of sulfonylureas. This limits the glucose production by the liver. It also prevents lipolysis and decreases the insulin clearance leading to the increased availability of insulin. This helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Side effects 

 The use of Semi Daonil 2.5 mg is generally safe and is having very few side effects, but it may result in some other side effects based on patient acceptance: 

• Nausea

• Heartburn 

• Abdominal fullness

• Dark coloured urine

• Fever and chills

• Weakness

• Unusual Bleeding

• Swollen face, lips, eyelids, tongue, hands and feet

• Diarrhoea

• Weight gain

• Constipation

• Yellow colouration of skin and eyes 

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Rapid heartbeat

If the above side effects persist continuously then the patient must seek the medical attention immediately.

 How to use 

Semi Daonil 2.5 mg is a prescription-only drug which is to be administered exactly in the same manner as prescribed by the physician. All the instructions directed by the doctor should be followed. The following guidance should be kept in mind:

  • The tablet must be taken as a whole. Do not chew, break or crush it.
  • It is to be taken twice daily i.e, 5 mg daily should be taken.
  • The dosage regimen should be strictly followed regularly
  • The medicine must be taken with food  
  • As directed by the Doctor, the dose and duration of the medication should be strictly followed 
  • It is not advised to skip a dose of medication. If the dose is skipped do not take multiple doses at the same time 
  • It shows better activity when it is taken with proper diet and regular exercise.

Drugs that are known to interact with this medicine

Drug interactions are very common when two or more drugs are taken together. Some potent drugs that can interact with Semi Daonil 2.5 mg are-

• Avoid the medication if you are already on drugs which regulate blood pressure (Atenolol)

• It should not be taken with antibiotics (Clarithromycin) as it requires more frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels.

• Avoid concurrent use of Semi Daonil with Gatifloxacin as it causes severe fall in blood glucose levels

• Cannot be administered with birth control pills (ethinyl estradiol)

• Cannot be administered with Bosenten as it causes severe side effects

• Avoid Semi Daonil with any pain medication (ibuprofen) as it causes fall in blood glucose levels and it also requires frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels

When to avoid taking the drug

  • Avoid taking the medication if the patient is allergic to the medicament.
  • Avoid its usage if the patient is having any cardiovascular diseases
  • It should not be taken if the person is suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis
  • It is not recommended if the patient is having kidney or liver diseases
  • If you are having episodes of hypoglycemia the drug should be generally avoided unless until necessary
  • It is to be strictly avoided if the person is suffering from Haemolytic anaemia

Things to avoid when using the drug

When taking Semi Daonil 2.5 mg (Glibenclamide) avoid consumption of:

  • Alcohol- Consuming alcohol with Glibenclamide is not recommended as it leads to cause severe side effects
  • Do not stop the medication in between the treatment even when you feel completely healthy without consulting your doctor
  • Avoid taking Semi Daonil if you are suffering from any type of kidney or Liver diseases

General Information and Precautions

• The medicine must be protected from the reach of the children.

• Inform the doctor about your medical history 


• Alcohol- Consumption of alcohol with Semi Daonil is not safe and its consumption should be avoided 

• Pregnancy- The medication is generally safe in case of pregnant women but its use should be limited

• Driving – It is not safe to consume it before driving or using machines. This is the drug may cause the patient dizzy. Avoid it till you are completely alert.

• Lactation- the medication is generally safe during lactation but regarding the same should be informed to the doctor because chances of decreased blood sugar levels are observed in kids


  • Semi Daonil 2.5 mg tablets must be stored away from the reach of kids
  • It must be stored at room temperature
  • Special care must be taken for the protection of the drug against moisture and light
  • It should be protected from heat
  • It should be stored in an dry or airtight container
  • Do not use this medicine after it expires

General FAQs regarding the drug

Is Semi Daonil is habit forming drug?

Ans. No, it is not having any habit-forming tendencies and it is safe to use

Is it safe to alter the dose of semi Daonil 2.5 mg?

Ans. Whenever a drug is prescribed it is based on different factors like severity of the disease, patient condition etc. so it is not advised to alter the dose of the drug unless and until it was prescribed by the doctor.

Can it be used in case of prediabetic medication?

Ans. No, it cannot be used for managing the prediabetic condition as during this time the existence of the disease is not exactly proven even though symptoms are observed.

Can Semi Daonil be skipped for a few days?

Ans. No, it is not advised to skip the medication as it may result in worsening your condition.

Does Semi Daonil cause hair loss?

Ans. No, it does not lead to hair loss but diabetes itself is associated with hair loss.



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