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Kenacort Cream 0.1% (5 Gm)

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About Kenacort Cream 0.1%

The medication Kenacort 0.1% is classified as a steroid. 

This cream contains Triamcinolone as an active ingredient.

This 0.1 Triamcinolone cream is used to treat Ulcers in the mouth. It reduces the redness and swelling in the afflicted region, providing comfort.

Abbott Laboratories manufactures Kenacort cream.


Mouth ulcers are tiny, painful sores on the inner lips, gums, tongue, palate, or roof of the mouth that can make eating, drinking, and even speaking difficult. 

Kenacort 0.1% inhibits the brain chemicals involved in pain perception and inflammation. 

Therefore, it relieves pain, discomfort, and inflammatory signs such as swelling or redness caused by oral Ulcers.


Kenacort 0.1%, as mentioned, is a steroid and contains Triamcinolone as an active ingredient.

It performs by inhibiting the release of certain chemical messengers responsible for the inflammation (swelling), redness, and discomfort experienced in the mouth. 

It accomplishes this goal by adhering to the moist surfaces of the mouth and producing a protective coating over the areas that have ulcers or are injured.

How to use it

Use this 0.1 Triamcinolone cream as advised by your healthcare provider.

  • This paste should not be applied to the eyes or the skin. It is intended just for oral usage
  • A tiny quantity of paste should be dabbed or pressed (not rubbed) into the affected region until a smooth, slippery film forms and the paste sticks
  • Apply the medication to the afflicted region twice per day after meals, before bed, or as prescribed by your doctor
  • You shouldn't put a bandage or anything else on the treated area unless your physician tells you to

Kenacort is also available in other forms, like Kenacort Injection 40 mg/1 ml.

Side effects

Kenacort Cream 0.1% can cause some mild to moderate side effects, such as:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Blistering
  • Peeling

Inform your physician if any of the above side effects worsen or persist. In case of an allergic reaction, take medical assistance immediately.


This cream can interact with some medications or diseases; therefore, it is in your best interest to declare your medical history to your healthcare provider to avoid any interactions.

Drug interactions

Oral Corticosteroids like Prednisone can interact with 0.1 Triamcinolone cream. Therefore it is better to avoid it while using this paste.

Inform your doctor and pharmacist of any other prescription and over-the-counter medicines, Vitamins, and nutritional supplements you intend to take.

Disease interactions

You should let your doctor know if you are suffering from Diabetes or Cushing's syndrome and if you have ever had an infection in your mouth or throat.


Keep the following points in mind before and after using 0.1 Triamcinolone cream:

  • If you have an allergy to Triamcinolone or other steroids (including Hydrocortisone), you should talk to your healthcare provider before using this medication.
  • This paste should be applied only when necessary during pregnancy. Talk to your healthcare provider about the potential drawbacks and advantages.
  • Breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using Kenacort 0.1% cream.


Keep Kenacort Cream at room temperature and out of the reach of light and moisture. Do not leave this product exposed to air.

It should be kept out of reach of both children and animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kenacort 0.1% used for?

The active component in Kenacort, 0.1% cream, is Triamcinolone.
Mouth Ulcers can be alleviated by their use. It relieves the redness and swelling in the area affected by the condition.

Is Kenacort 0.1% a steroid?

Kenacort 0.1% This product is a steroid. It functions by inhibiting the release of chemical messengers that induce oral inflammation (swelling), redness, and discomfort.

How do you use Kenacort Oral Paste?

You should dab a small amount of paste onto the afflicted area until a smooth, slippery layer develops and the paste adheres.

Apply the medicine to the affected area twice a day after meals and before bedtime or as directed by your physician.

Is it ok to swallow 0.1 Triamcinolone cream?

No, it is not recommended to ingest Kenacort 0.1% Oral Paste. Apply a thin coating of 0.1 Triamcinolone cream using a cotton swab to the afflicted region of the mouth.

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