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Intas Pharma

Intas Pharma


Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited is a Gujarat-based Indian pharmaceutical firm.

Intas produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), oral solid dosage (OSD), injectables, biosimilars, and plasma products. With 14 manufacturing facilities in India, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, they develop pharmaceuticals for various global markets and nearly all key therapeutic areas.

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  1. Moza 5 mg with Mosapride
    Moza 5 mg
    As low as $8.48
  2. Itaspor 100 mg with Itraconazole
    Itaspor 100 mg
    As low as $52.04
  3. Itaspor 200 mgwith Itraconazole
    Itaspor 200 mg
    As low as $32.97
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