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Fincar 5 mg

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  • Firmer, longer-lasting erections for up to 4 hours

  • FDA-approved active ingredient (Sildenafil)

  • Starts working within 30 minutes

  • 88% of cases saw positive outcomes

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Medically Reviewed by
Dr. Akanksha Kaushal
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Written by
Julian Carter
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About brand name of the drug

Fincar 5 mg is a brand of prescription medicine, manufactured by one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies , CIPLA. CIPLA is a Mumbai based Indian pharmaceutical company which deals in manufacturing and selling of allopathic medicines. Fincar 5 mg tablet is used for the treatment of enlarged prostate in male, urinary tract infection and male pattern of hair loss. 

About the drug 

The tablet Fincar 5 mg consists of finasteride as the main Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient . It is generally used as a monotherapy for the treatment of enlarged prostate problems in men. Fincar 5 mg is available in the form of oral tablets and with a recommended dose of 5 mg. The drug can be found easily in any medical shop or chemist and druggist store. People can also buy Fincar 5 mg online with the help of various e- pharmacy options available nowadays.

There are few brands in the USA market that are equivalent to Fincar 5 mg, like :

  • Proscar
  • Propecia
  • Finast
  • Concept

About salt of the drug

Finasteride which is the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient of Fincar 5 mg is a hormone inhibitor. It inhibits the major male hormone in the body and blocks their action. Thus contributing in treating the enlarged prostate gland and the receding hairline or hair growth in males. Fincar 5 mg is used to treat the following medical conditions:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Male pattern of hair loss

Medical Uses of the drug

Fincar 5 mg is used to treat various medical conditions related to men like :

  • Enlargement of the prostate gland
  • Infection of urinary tract
  • Male pattern of hair loss or excessive hairfall in men

Working of a drug 

Fincar 5 mg is a drug that belongs to the class of 5- alpha reductase inhibitors. It blocks and inhibits the action of alpha reductase enzyme. Alpha reductase enzyme is necessary for the conversion of male androgen or testosterone to another hormone that causes the prostate gland to grow in size. By blocking this alpha reductase , Fincar 5 mg results in shrinking of the prostate gland and also relieve the difficulty of passing urine. Fincar 5 mg shows it's effect mainly on the prostate gland, skin and hair follicles. Thus it also treats the problem of male pattern hair loss.

Side effects 

Fincar 5 mg does not show any pronounced or marked side effects. But it may varied from person to person depending on various conditions. The common side effects that are seen during the use of Fincar 5 mg are:

  • Chills or cold sweats
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Swelling of face and lips
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Runny nose
  • Pain in the abdominal region
  • Headache
  • Abnormal ejaculation
  • Decreased libido or interest in involving in any kind of sexual act or intercourse
  • Chest pain
  • Edema 
  • Abnormal hair growth on the face and body of women

These side effects are generally experienced during the period of treatment with Fincar 5 mg, but if the symptoms continue for a longer period , one should immediately consult a physician.

How to use 

  • Fincar 5 mg tablet is to be taken only after the consultation and under the guidance of a registered medical practitioner
  • Fincar 5 mg is generally recommend for use in male patients suffering from hair loss due to imbalance of male hormonal levels in the body
  • One can take Fincar 5 either with food or empty stomach as advised by the doctor
  • Fincar 5 mg should be taken in the prescribed dose only for the treatment of the medical condition it is being used for
  • While undergoing therapy with Fincar 5 mg, one should not take any other 5- alpha reductase inhibitors
  •  Fincar 5 mg should be swallowed along with a glass of water and not to be chewed or crushed
  • This tablet should not be taken in more than the dose prescribed or can cause severe side effects
  • Fincar 5 mg should be stored in a cool and dry place

Drugs that are known to interact with this medicine

Drug interactions are reaction which takes place when two or more drugs come in contact with each other. Some of the drugs that interact with Fincar 5 mg are as follows :

  • Diltiazem
  • Itraconazole
  • Nelfinavir
  • Amlodipine
  • Cilnidipine
  • Benidipine

When to avoid taking the drug

The medication or therapy with Fincar 5 mg is contraindicated in people who are :

  • Hypersensitive to finasteride
  • Suffering from any kind of disease related to liver
  • Paediatric patients
  • Suffering from any kind of obstruction in the urinary pathway or urinary tract infection

Things to avoid when using the drug

  • Alcohol : The consumption of alcohol during medication with Fincar 5 mg should be done after consulting your physician. There are no significant results regarding the interaction of the drug with alcohol. Thus, if anyone wants to consume alcohol while being treated with Fincar 5 mg , they should take prior advice from the doctor to avoid undesirable circumstances

General Information and Precautions

  • Fincar 5 mg should be taken only after consultation with a registered medical practitioner for the concerned medical condition
  • Fincar 5 mg is generally for the treatment of prostate problems and hair loss problems in men
  • Fincar 5 mg is very rarely used in women for the treatment of excessive growth of facial and body hairs
  • Fincar 5 mg is not for use in paediatric patients 
  • Fincar 5 mg does not cure the problem of hairfall in males permanently. Once the medication is stopped, the new grown hairs can again get subjected to hair fall
  • Fincar 5 mg can be taken either on an empty stomach or after eating food
  • Fincar 5 mg tablet should be taken with a glass of water and is to be swallowed whole without breaking , crushing or chewing it to avoid the bitter taste
  • Fincar 5 mg should not be used with other medicines which treat the problem of prostate enlargement
  • If a person has taken more dose of Fincar 5 mg than prescribed , immediately physician should be consulted


  • Pregnancy: The use of Fincar 5 mg is highly unsafe during pregnancy . The studies have revealed that it causes severe adverse effects to the fetus if taken during pregnancy
  • Lactation : The effect of Fincar 5 mg is not quite know in lactating mothers. But it is better to avoid or seem the medical consultation before starting the drug if a woman is lactating
  • Driving: Fincar 5 mg tablet is not Know to effect the driving ability thus it is safe to drive
  • Using machinery: Fincar 5 mg tablet does not hamper the alertness of the senses thus use of machinery is not a problem 
  • Paediatric patients: Fincar 5 mg tablet is not generally used in paediatric patients due to high chances of side effects
  • Liver disease: Fincar 5 mg tablet should be used with caution and dose adjustment in patients suffering from liver disease


  • The medication should be store at room temperature ranging from 25 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade
  • The medication should not be exposed to light and heat to avoid photo reaction
  • Fincar 5 mg tablets should not be exposed to moisture as it can lead to degradation of the drug
  • Fincar 5 mg tablet should be kept at a high level so that is out of the reach of children and pets

General FAQs regarding the drug

Does Fincar 5 mg causes infertility?

Ans. No, infertility is not caused by Fincar 5 mg but it can reduce libido or sex drive.

How long does Fincar 5 mg stays in the body?

Ans. Fincar 5 mg usually stays for 3-4 days in the body.




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