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A Comprehensive Guide on Self Test for Cataracts

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Written by- Gina Walters

Cataracts are an age-related eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

However, can we do self tests for Cataracts?

Yes, people can do self-testing for Cataracts to identify potential issues early on.  

Let us explore the different self tests for Cataracts and available prevention strategies.

Self tests for Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the eye’s lens becomes cloudy, leading to blurry vision and other vision problems. 

The cloudy vision develops slowly over time and can affect one or both eyes.

One can do Cataract self-tests by recognizing the right signs and symptoms of the problem.

The Cataract symptoms include photophobia, trouble identifying colors, poor low-light vision, double vision, and more.

The self-tests for Cataracts include visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, glare, and self-examination tests.

Let us discuss the above self-tests in detail.

Visual acuity test 

eye testSource: pixelshot
Little Girl doing self Eye Test

The test uses a standard eye chart to assess one’s distance vision. 

Stand at a distance of 20 feet from the chart and read the text lines one by one by covering one eye at a time. 

Consult an eye expert for a Cataract diagnosis if you notice a decrease in vision or difficulty reading the lines.

Standard eye chart: A chart with letters or numbers that get smaller with each line.

Contrast sensitivity test

The test uses a printed or online contrast sensitivity chart.

The chart helps assess one’s ability to distinguish between shades of gray. 

The test can indicate Cataracts if a person struggles to identify fine differences in contrast.

Glare test

Glare sensitivity is a common symptom of Cataracts. 

The doctor asks the patient to look at a bright light source while examining the eye. 

The test helps observe how well the eye adjusts to the light and evaluates any visual discomfort caused by glare.

Therefore, one should pay attention to how their vision reacts to bright lights or glare. 

A person may have Cataracts if they experience increased glare sensitivity or have difficulty driving at night or in brightly lit environments.


Mild cases of Cataracts can affect one’s eye lens and cause vision problems.

However, many are curious about- “Can you see Cataracts in your eyes?”

Yes, one can also look for changes in the appearance of the eyes when examining Cataracts in a well-lit mirror. 

Consult an eye expert in case of cloudiness or discoloration of the pupil, as visible Cataracts are a severe sign of the condition.

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Cataract test online

Many online resources offer quizzes or questionnaires about eye health, including Cataracts.

The online Cataract tests help provide an easy, quick, and cost-effective method to evaluate one’s eye health. 

The tests help assess factors like visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and color awareness of a person. 

It is also important to note that the online tests are not substitutes for professional eye exams. 

A proper Cataract diagnosis requires a complete eye examination with visual acuity, slit-lamp, and retinal tests.

Consult an eye expert for regular eye exams to help in the early prevention of the condition.

One should choose known websites to ensure the results are accurate, as false websites can lead to unreliable information.

How to prevent Cataracts

preventing UV raysSource: Satjawat_Boontanataweepol's_Images
Woman preventing UV rays

Healthy lifestyle changes can help in the early management and prevention of Cataracts. 

The common risk factors of Cataracts include eye injury, previous surgery, lifestyle habits, and more. 

Individuals should minimize exposure to the risk factors of Cataracts to help prevent the eye condition. 

The prevention strategies for Cataracts include protecting the eyes from UV rays, eating a balanced diet, wearing eye protection, and more.

However, consult an eye expert for proper Cataract treatment options.

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Key takeaways

Cataracts are an age-related eye condition that clouds the eye’s natural lens.

However, many are curious about, “Can we do self tests for Cataracts?”

Yes, self-tests for Cataracts include visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, glare, and self-examination tests.

The self-tests help recognize the symptoms and potential issues early on.  

One can also choose online Cataract tests to help understand the condition better.

However, consult an eye expert for proper evaluation and Cataract diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check myself for Cataracts?

Yes, one can check for Cataracts through self-testing. The self-test for Cataracts includes visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, glare, and self-examination tests. 
However, one should not rely on such tests and consult an eye expert for a proper diagnosis if they suspect Cataracts. 

What vitamin helps prevent Cataracts?

Vitamin C reduces the risk of Cataracts by protecting the eye lens from oxidative damage. Therefore, include vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits, strawberries, and bell peppers in your diet.

How to test for Cataracts?

Individuals should consult an eye expert to test for Cataracts. The eye expert will perform a complete eye exam, including visual acuity, slit-lamp, and retinal examination. The tests will help diagnose Cataracts and get proper treatment.

What are the treatment options for Cataracts?

The Cataract treatment options include prescription eyeglasses and Cataract surgery. 
The different types of Cataract surgery include Extracapsular Cataract Extraction, Phacoemulsification, and Intracapsular Cataract Extraction. Consult an eye expert before choosing any treatment option.

Can Cataracts cause blindness?

Yes, untreated Cataracts can lead to blindness as the lens becomes more cloudy with time. One should get regular eye exams to detect the eye problem early.

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