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How to Treat a Swollen Eye: Effective Home Remedies and Medical Options

Gina Walters


how to treat a swollen eye

A swollen eye is a common symptom caused by inflammation and irritation of the eye.

Swollen eyes can be a discomforting problem, and finding the right treatment is important for a quick recovery. 

Let us explore how to treat a swollen eye in detail and also look for natural remedies to help with the condition.

What is a swollen eye

A swollen eye is when the area around the eye becomes puffy due to fluid buildup or inflammation. 

Swollen or puffy eyes can affect the eyelids and the skin around or under the eyes. 

The swelling around the eyes can be caused by Pink Eye, injuries, eye allergies, eye infections, and more.

Individuals can also get swollen or puffy eyes from crying.

However, the common symptoms that may accompany swollen eyes are red eye, light sensitivity, eye pain, and more. 

Consult an eye expert to identify the exact cause of swollen eyes and appropriate treatment options.

Falls, accidents, or other forms of trauma can cause an immediate swollen eye. Get instant medical attention to prevent further complications.

Swollen eye treatment

eye dropsSource: pixelshots
Putting eye drops

A swollen eye is a temporary problem that may go away on its own.

However, the doctor may suggest medication for swollen eyes if the problem is persistent. 

Medical treatment for the eye condition depends on the underlying causes of the swollen eye. 

The doctors may prescribe antibiotics or antiviral medications if the swelling is due to an infection like Pink Eye

However, the doctors may suggest antihistamine or decongestant eye drops if the swollen eye is caused by allergic reactions or minor irritation.

Individuals should maintain clean surroundings and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions to manage the problem effectively.

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Natural remedies for swollen eyes

A swollen eye is commonly a mild problem and can be treated with the help of natural remedies. 

Natural remedies are a cost-effective way to help ease pain and discomfort.

The natural swollen eye remedies include: 

Cold compress: An ice pack or cold compress can help soothe the eye by reducing inflammation. Wrap the cold compress in a cloth and leave it on for a few minutes.

Do not apply cold compress or ice on the skin directly, as it may result in frostbite.

Cucumber slices: Cucumber slices help reduce swelling and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes. Take chilled slices and put them on closed eyelids for a few minutes.

Stay hydrated: Drinking proper water helps flush out toxins and reduces fluid retention, which may help with eye swelling.

Aloe vera gel: The gel may help eye swelling by reducing inflammation and redness. Apply pure aloe vera gel around the eyes for effective results. 

Elevate your head: Keeping your head elevated while sleeping helps prevent fluid accumulation around the eyes and may help ease eye swelling.

Identify and avoid allergens: Consult a doctor to identify and avoid the allergens that are triggering one’s swollen eyes. Common allergens include pollen, dust, mold, and more.

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Key takeaways

A swollen eye is a common symptom in which the area around the eye becomes puffy due to fluid accumulation. 

Pink Eye, injuries, eye allergies, infections, and more are the causes of swelling around the eyes.

Also, a swollen eye is a temporary problem that may improve with natural remedies like cold compress, aloe vera gel, and more. 

However, the doctor may suggest medical treatment options if the eye problem is persistent. 

Medical treatment for swollen eyes includes antibiotics, antiviral, or antihistamine medicine, depending on the cause.

Consult an eye expert for a proper diagnosis and treatment option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to treat a child’s swollen eye?

A child’s swollen eye can be treated by applying a cold compress for a few minutes to soothe the area. 
Stop the kid from rubbing the eye and keep the head elevated. Consult an eye expert if the swelling is consistent.

Can I use over-the-counter medicine for a swollen eye?

No, one should not use over-the-counter medicines as it may cause unwanted side effects. Individuals should consult an eye expert for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Can swollen eyes cause bags under the eyes?

Yes, swollen eyes can contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes. The fluid may accumulate in the surrounding areas of the eye, leading to puffiness and the appearance of bags.

Is a swollen eye a serious condition?

No, a swollen eye is not a serious condition and may even go away on its own. However, a swollen eye can be a medical concern if it is consistent or accompanied by symptoms like red eye, light sensitivity, eye pain, or more.

Do swollen eyes require surgical intervention?

No, swollen eyes do not require surgical intervention.  Most cases of swollen eyes can be managed with home remedies and do not require prescription treatments.

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