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Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Torrent Pharmaceuticals


Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an international pharmaceutical corporation with headquarters in Ahmedabad. Originally known as Trinity Laboratories Ltd, the company was renamed Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals operates in more than forty countries and has more than two thousand product registrations globally. Torrent Pharma operates within the Cardiovascular (CV), Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastrointestinal, Diabetology, Anti-Infectious, and Pain Management (PM) therapeutic markets. In addition, it has expanded into the therapeutic areas of nephrology and cancer while strengthening its focus on the gynecological and pediatric divisions.

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  1. Arkamin100 Mcg With Clonidine Hcl
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  2. Nebicard 10 mg with Nebivolol
    Nebicard 10 mg
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