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Drug Policy

Goodrx Medicine is an online pharmacy that is the trusted supplier of generic medicines.  

Generic Medicines are the medicines that have the same active ingredients as those of the medicines produced under the brand name. Such medicines are similar to the brand medicines in side effects, treatment, precautions, etc. The only thing they differ in is the side ingredients. 

Generic medicines are produced once the chemical patent of the brand expires

The producers of the generic medicines spend a lot of money on marketing, packaging and promotion of the medicines which together adds to the final market price of the medicines. Generic medicines are cheaper because all the above-mentioned cost is saved. 

 The guidelines of WHO approves that the side ingredients of generic medicines can be different from that of the brand medicines however, the active ingredients should be the same. Side ingredients or inactive ingredients are the ones that are used for preservative and dying.

We assure you that all the generic and brand medicines supplied by Goodrx Medicines are in accordance with the WHO guidelines.

Buying medicines online from Goodrx Medicines require a legitimate prescription from the doctor. We do not entertain the sale and purchase of any medicine in the absence of the prescription.

  • The prescription can be mailed at __________
  • The prescription is required to be in physical copy and should be written by a certified doctor in the English language. 
  • The order stands canceled on the failure to submit the prescription in 15 days.

We hereby declare that Goodrx Medicines doesn’t sell Narcotic substances.