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A Comprehensive Guide to Retrograde Ejaculation Causes

retrograde ejaculation causes

Retrograde Ejaculation is one of the Ejaculatory Dysfunctions that men encounter.  During normal orgasm, the semen exits the testicles through the penis.  In Retrograde Ejaculation, the sperm enters the bladder but does not exit the penis.  This is also known as Dry Orgasm.  Though not hazardous, Retrograde Ejaculation causes infertility in men.  Because no sperm … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Male Ejaculation

Everything You Should Know About Male Ejaculation

Male ejaculation is a natural physiological process that occurs during sexual stimulation and orgasm in men.  It involves the release of semen from the penis. It is a vital part of sexual reproduction and is crucial in fertilization.  Understanding male ejaculation is very helpful in gaining insight into this essential aspect of male sexual health. … Read more