Air conditioning

One of the several things we do not have control over is - Weather. It changes sporadically, and many forecasters are able to predict them accurately often. We can do nothing to cease the incoming cold winds and heatwaves, although there are certain things we can do to protect our home environment from the weather. 

Most people prefer using air conditioning to counterbalance the weather change effects. But unfortunately, many people would be unaware of the health issues overuse of air conditioning causes. 

This blog will educate you regarding the illness caused due to the overuse of air conditioning. You will also come across some tips that you can consider for the safe utilization of air conditioning.

Health Issues Caused Due To Air-conditioning Overuse

  • Fatigue and Illness: Midsummer day is best thwarted by being in an over-conditioned environment. However, this will most probably cause you to have persistent headaches and to feel exhausted even when you just had a meal or woke up. Fatigue and headaches generally become lasting for those who decide to sit in an air conditioner for quite a long period. 

Also, living or working in a continually cooled-off room, will make you encounter constant mucous membrane irritation, together with breathing problems. This can be life-threatening for those with lung disorders, but it also impacts those who are absolutely healthy by making them more susceptible to contracting colds, cases of flu, and other illnesses.

  • Dry Air: Another major issue associated with air conditioning is the dry air. Those who spend several hours in the air-conditioned environment will sense the effects on their eyes and skin. Talking about the eyes, everyone should be aware of the fact that one can easily face dry eyes syndrome by remaining in an air-conditioned room or area. Also, one`s skin loses its moisture content and starts crumbling. 

To avoid this, people began using different kinds of moisturizers to improve and keep their skin from becoming dry. Using moisturizers very often can cause the skin to become product-dependent and to lose its natural capability of self-moisturizing. Bear this in mind the next time you pick to spend a full day under your air conditioner.

  • Breathing Problems: Germs and several other microorganisms that bring about breathing problems use the air to traverse. An air conditioner is facilitating their journey and is assisting them in spreading out. Moreover, having the windows closed and the air conditioner on prompts these disease-carriers to disseminate around you most of the time and entraps them. 

The worst air-borne disease, called Legionnaires Disease, is known to be lethal by causing fever and pneumonia. The only way to get rid of this problem is to establish a constant flow of fresh air and to revitalize your air-conditioned environment every 15 -20 minutes.

  • Heat Intolerability: Spending enormous time in the air-conditioned area can decrease the body’s tolerance to heat, which will make an individual dependent on the air conditioning system, which will then make the person experience all the related issues. Shifting from a hot region into a cool environment triggers one`s body to suffer from stress. 

This intolerance thus produced causes several deaths each year, and people are heedless of it. We are discussing the heatwave strokes occurring across the globe, currently at the growing rate of 400 people each summer.

  • Chronic Disease Enhancer: If you already have a chronic ailment of any type (particularly respiratory system), you should be recommended to stay away from the air-conditioned regions for one key factor: they will improve the effects of your disease. Air conditioners are accustomed to aggravate the symptoms of arthritis, low blood pressure, and neuritis. To prevent this, it is strongly advised to stay away from air-conditioned regions and restrict the air conditioner's utilization.
  • Worsened Allergies and Ear Irritations: If you experience certain allergic reactions during summers, sitting in an air-conditioned room for long can worsen your allergic symptoms if your system hasn’t been regularly maintained. 

Moreover, if mold is disseminating in the air, it can hoard in the folds of a person's ears, making them dried out and possibly bleed. The continuous noise produced by some less-efficient central air conditioning systems can also contribute to hearing damage. 

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What Are The Common Causes Of Air-conditioning Health Issues?

Unclean ductwork, vents and dirty filters, and poor overall maintenance can cause your air conditioning system to discharge mold and other contaminants into the air you breathe. 

Studies suggest that dirty filters allow pesticides, pollen, and other outdoor pollutants to gather and enter your home. These substances can impact your health adversely.

Best Tips For Safe Use Of Air Conditioning System

People develop various health issues mentioned here in the blog, mainly due to a dirty system or dirty filters that are used without maintenance for an extended period. Following are some of the best tips that you can consider to know how and when to use your air conditioning systems this summer:

  • Clean and/or replace your unit's air filters based on the manufacturer's advice or according to your unit's clean filter notification.
  • Have an annual maintenance check executed by an HVAC service technician.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in your home to help bring fresh air inside and minimize indoor contaminants. Switching off the system and opening the windows from time to time can help circulate the air for prolonged periods. 
  • Hire professionals to have an air cleaner installed on your central heating and air conditioning unit.
  • Turn the system off when no one is home and at night. This reduces the circulation of likely harmful particles in the air if they exist.