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  1. Getting Disturbed When Other's Snore While Sleep? Here Are Easy Remedies For It

    Remedies For Snoring

    Snoring can be a sign of a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, when comparing snorers and non-snorers, snorers without sleep apnea face thickening or abnormalities in the carotid artery. This is due to the vibrations produced from snoring, causing trauma and inflammation in the artery. These changes can cause atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries involved in several vascular diseases.

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  2. 10 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Reduce Global Warming

    Global warming

    Global warming doesn’t just imply warming; that’s the reason why “climate change” has become one of the most favored terms among investigators and policymakers. While the entire planet is becoming hotter on average, the temperature rise could have paradoxical effects, including frequent and more severe snowstorms. Global warming affects the Earth in many significant ways: by melting ice, by drying out already-arid regions, by causing weather extremes, and by disrupting the careful balance of oceans.

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