1. 05 Amazing Benefits Of Seeing A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

    Chiropractor during pregnancy

    If you have ever been pregnant, you already know its associated symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, back pain, etc., which are some of the most common health problems during pregnancy. If you haven’t been pregnant yet, you may have heard or read about the journey a woman has into motherhood that includes all these symptoms. 

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  2. Ways To Prevent Miscarriage

    miscarriage blood

    Preparing the right mindset for pregnancy is an act of maturity and patience. One can only prevent miscarriage as nobody is immune from mishappenings to occur. It is common to hear about miscarriages. About one-third of pregnancies end in miscarriage. A miscarriage does not always imply that you have a reproductive issue.

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  3. How To Relieve Your Postpartum Hair Loss Naturally?

    Postpartum hair loss

    Are you a woman who has just delivered a beautiful baby, and your motherhood has begun? The feeling of being a new mother is an incredible joy that words can't express. Amidst these special moments, you find that your hair has started shedding, even when you aren't even pulling it. You notice hair everywhere - on your pillow, bed, bathroom drains, tufts on your comb - just about. 

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  4. Does Coughing During Pregnancy Hurt? Know Here Before It Does

    Coughing during pregnancy

    A non-productive type of cough that doesn’t bring up mucus or phlegm is called dry cough. Dry coughs are often temporary and rarely a cause for concern. However, dry coughs are difficult to manage and may present for a more extended period of time. Such dry coughs are usually caused by upper respiratory infections, such as colds or flu.

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  5. What Do Miscarriage Cramps Feel Like?


    Miscarriage is something that happens more commonly than most people realize. According to the National Health Service, almost 1 in 8 pregnancies will end in Miscarriage. That contributes to the (10-20)% of known pregnancies that end up as miscarriages. In fact, the actual number is higher because many miscarriages happen so early that the women don't even realize it.

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  6. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Consequence Of Taking Alcohol During Pregnancy

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    According to some experts, an estimated 40,000 babies are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(FASD) in the United States every year. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies and others, somewhere between 800 and 8,000 babies could be born each year with FAS in the U.S.

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  7. What To Eat When Pregnant? Know Here

    What To Eat When Pregnant

    Expecting a baby is a big responsibility and a special feeling of carrying a life within yourself. This special feeling needs special attention and a lot of care. This article will help you to know about things which you should take care of during pregnancy.

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  8. Can You Have A Healthy Baby With Preeclampsia? Know Here!!


    Before coming directly on to the answer, let's first understand the meaning of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a type of pregnancy complication that includes hypertension, protein in urine during and after delivery, along low clotting factors(platelets and WBC). All of these indicate a threat to kidney or liver function. If preeclampsia is left untreated, it can lead to severe complications or even fatal for both the mother and the baby. In the case of preeclampsia, the best way of treatment is the delivery of the baby. Even after the delivery of the baby, the mother will still take time to get better.

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  9. What Causes Pregnancy Stretch Marks? How To Fade Them Effectively?

    What Causes Pregnancy Stretch Marks? How To Fade Them Effectively?

    What are pregnancy stretch marks? Why does it occur? How to get rid of it? What’s the recovery time? Can you prevent pregnancy stretch marks? Read on to get answers to each of these questions. The chances are significant that even before you get pregnant or deliver a baby - you heard and maybe worried about stretch marks.

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  10. Is Teenage Pregnancy, Good Or Bad? Read And Decide By Yourself

    Is Teenage Pregnancy, Good Or Bad

    Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy, is a term used to describe when a teenage girl aged 19 years or below gets pregnant. In most cases, the pregnancy is unplanned, but some do with planning as well. Teenage pregnancy puts the girl at a higher risk of pregnancy complications and the baby, such as low birth weight or premature birth.

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