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  1. Hernia: One Of The Most Common Diseases Among Men


    18 million people were detected with the most common type of hernia, such as inguinal, femoral, and abdominal hernias. In 2015, It further resulted in 59,800 deaths. Inguinal types of hernias mostly occur before the age of 1years and after the age of 50 years. In North America, the exact prevalence of hiatus hernias is still unknown but as per the estimates, it varies from 10%-18%. As per the statistics, hernia mostly occurs in men as compared to women.A hernia is a condition in which tissues of the intestine or other digestive system organs protrude through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. Consequently, it results in a bulge around the abdominal area.

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  2. Why Do Teenagers Have White Hair? Is The Reason Genetics Or Something Else?

    Teenagers Have White Hair

    Hairs are dead cells that grow through a cycle of dying and then being regenerated. With the increase in age, the hair follicles start to produce less pigment(melanin) responsible for giving colour to the hair. Every human has to go through this phase of white hair, but it's starting time is a matter of concern. Usually, when people enter their 35 years, they begin to experience the growth of white hairs.

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  3. All You Need To Know About Botox Cosmetics And Botox Therapeutics

    Botox cosmetics and botox therapeutics

    Botox is nothing new. We all have heard of botox as a cosmetic procedure to get rid of unwanted wrinkles. But do you know, it is also used to treat medical conditions, including migraines and muscle pain?

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  4. Getting Disturbed When Other's Snore While Sleep? Here Are Easy Remedies For It

    Remedies For Snoring

    Snoring can be a sign of a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, when comparing snorers and non-snorers, snorers without sleep apnea face thickening or abnormalities in the carotid artery. This is due to the vibrations produced from snoring, causing trauma and inflammation in the artery. These changes can cause atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries involved in several vascular diseases.

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  5. What Makes You Snore During Sleep?


    This might excite you that almost half of the population snore at some point in their lives. However, almost 40% of men and 24% of adult women are habitual to snoring. Some people occasionally snore when their throat muscles relax due to the use of alcohol, other depressants, tiredness, or while sleeping on your back. Snoring can create a nuisance for the people around them without realizing that the person is snoring.

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  6. 10 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

    Karmic relationship

    A karmic relationship is a kind of relationship that’s meant to foster the lessons we require to learn in this lifetime regarding love and partnership. It can be thought of as a soulmate relationship as there’s a connection between two souls, although it's quite different from twin flames or soulmates that are curative in nature. Most people would have been into these karmic relationships in their lifetime.

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  7. Air-conditioning Overuse Can Be Detrimental. Beware!

    Air conditioning

    Most people prefer using air conditioning to counterbalance the weather change effects. But unfortunately, many people would be unaware of the health issues overuse of air conditioning causes. This blog will educate you regarding the illness caused due to the overuse of air conditioning. You will also come across some tips that you can consider for the safe utilization of air conditioning.

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  8. How To Get Some Vitamin D When Cooped Up Indoors?

    Vitamin D

    Luckily, sunlight is not the only source of vitamin D. There are some other less-known sources as well that doesn’t require going out in sunlight. Read on and fathom some of the fantastic ways to boost your vitamin D levels in the body.

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  9. A Complete Guide To Kegel Exercises For Men

    Kegel exercises for men

    People think kegel exercise is meant only for women. They don’t think pelvic floor muscles are present in both males and females. The exercise might be different for both genders, but the exercise benefits both of them the same if done correctly. Do you know where this exercise came from? In 1948, Arnold Kegel was the first to describe the kegel exercise for treating female patients suffering from stress incontinence, followed by childbirth.

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  10. Top 12 Brittle Nails Causes (and what can you do about it!)

    Top 12 Brittle Nails Causes (and what can you do about it!)

    Your hands reveal a lot about your health, particularly your nails. Like skin, they may also lose moisture, which makes them feel brittle and ultimately break. There are various possible brittle nails causes, including vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency, frequent exposure to water, hand sanitizers, and much more. Let’s discuss each of the brittle nails causes, along with the ways of prevention.

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