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  1. Are You Troubled Falling Asleep? What’s Really Causes Insomnia?

    what causes insomnia

    Are you unable to have a sound sleep at night? Are you a coffee addict that is making you awake? You might have heard about insomnia symptoms, but what is it about it, that people are facing sleep disorders? 

    Insomnia is a state where a person is going through sleep deprivation. Either they are facing difficulty in sleeping or waking up too early or facing problems with a longer duration of sleep. As a result, they are always tired and exhausted from their daily activities. 

    Insomnia may be temporary or acute or severe (insomnia symptoms are visible three or more times a week for more than a month). What causes insomnia? Insomnia symptoms may happen because of emotional, neurological, medical, or sleep disorders or due to certain medications, stimulants, or drug or alcohol abuse.

    Insomnia can direct to drowsiness, fatigue, slowed reaction times, anxiety, irritability, and

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  2. Age Is Not the Only Risk Factor of High Blood Pressure

    Risk Factor Of High Blood Pressure

    You can be in the early years of your life and still be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Gone are the days when medical complications like high blood pressure were just a disease that old people had. As the years have gone by, advancement in technology has given great ease to mankind but has also increased the risk of various chronic diseases like high blood pressure.

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  3. Fruitful Ways to Avoid Occasional Digestive Problems!

    Occasional Digestive Problems

    Everyone craves smoother digestion. But most of the time, people face these gastric issues that they cannot avoid. Digestion difficulties are a common complaint, and there are a variety of causes, ranging from food to stress. Symptoms usually go away by themselves, but there are several simple home treatments that can help.

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  4. Your Vision Health Guide 101

    vision health

    Visiting the doctor and the dentist are both essential aspects of maintaining your health. Going to the eye pain doctor, on the other hand? Also crucial! Eye exams are beneficial for people of all ages and stages of life. Many people believe their eyesight is excellent until they obtain their first pair of glasses or contact lenses, at which point everything from fine print to street signs becomes more visible.

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  5. Effective Ways to Distance Cholera Infection!

    cholera treatment

    Cholera is a contaminated disease that occurs from food or dirty water. Cholera is a dreadful epidemic contagious disease. It is identified by watery diarrhea, utmost deprivation of fluid and electrolytes from the body, and acute dehydration reaction. It can be lethal. Vibrio cholera is the bacteria responsible for cholera disease occur in the first place and is the major cause of the condition. There are still parts of the world that are not developed and are struggling for basic amenities like sewage systems, clean drinking water, drainage facility or waste management processes.

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  6. Scoliosis Treatment? A Guide to Treating Curved Back

    Scoliosis Treatment

    Are you dealing with a hunched back? Have you noticed your spine looks like the shape of the letter C or S? Scoliosis pain is a condition when the spine is curved to either the left or right side or both of the body. A scoliosis pain makes the spine curve to one side. The bend caused by this can be in any part of the spine, but the most repeatedly affected areas in the body are the upper spine and lower back.

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  7. Human Papilloma Virus(HPV): It Is More Common Than You Think!

    Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)

    Human Papillomavirus(HPV) is a kind of viral infection that gets transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. There are 100 different types of HPV, out of which more than 40 HPVs are transmitted through sexual intercourse and can affect the genitals, mouth, or throat. Different types of HPV show various complications; some types of HPV infection may not cause any health problems. But some types of HPV cause genital warts and even cervix, anus, and throat.

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  8. Tuberculosis Symptoms: How Does It Feel To Have TB?

    Tuberculosis Symptoms

    About 1/4 of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. But only a small proportion of these infected populations fall sick with TB, says the WHO. Having a weakened immune system increases the risk of developing tuberculosis symptoms. However, HIV patients are 20 times at a high risk of developing tuberculosis symptoms. Tuberculosis is a chronic contagious infectious disease that majorly affects the lungs. The infection can spread through tiny droplets during coughing or sneezing.

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  9. How Is Testosterone Related To Men’s Growth?

    Testosterone in men

    Testosterone plays a necessary part in the growth of both males and females, but it plays a leading role in males. Testosterone is a male sex hormone involved in the development of masculinity. It involves the growth of genitals, deepens the voice, facial and body hair. It also majorly contributes to the growth of reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics in men.

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  10. Bio-Logic Behind Lupus Treatment: A Disease With No Cure

    Lupus treatment

    Almost 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people globally experience some form of lupus symptoms. It can affect anyone, especially women of childbearing age. 9 out of 10 lupus-affected adults are women, and 1 in 3 lupus cases suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases. It is believed (10-15)% of people with lupus will die prematurely because of lupus complications. As per the Lupus Foundation of America-funded study, lupus was among the top 20 leading causes of death in females aged 5-64 years.

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